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n. (plural of stir English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: stir)

Usage examples of "stirs".

For some reason thought is very horrible to him, and anything which stirs the imagination he flees as a plague.

The curtain leading into the interior of the pavilion stirs, and a small, black-haired woman looks out.

The old roan, so famous for cross-country work, turning his large eyeball to the grated window near his rack, may remember the fresh leaves that glisten there at other times and the scents that stream in, and may have a fine run with the hounds, while the human helper, clearing out the next stall, never stirs beyond his pitchfork and birch-broom.

The occupant of the pew in the hall, having said thus much, stirs the fire and leaves the triumvirate to warm themselves.

Wat Tyler and the people in the iron districts who do nothing but turn out by torchlight come in a shower upon his head, the fine grey hair of which, as well as of his whiskers, actually stirs with indignation.

Without her marketbasket, which is a sort of wicker well with two flapping lids, she never stirs abroad.

Bianca stirs things up by torturing a bunch of spirits, gets all the turbulence going so that she can prod this Nightmare toward you.

His power may have failed this day, but I cannot believe he would fail to sense that tonight, in the very center of his stronghold, a Power stirs that is his mortal enemy.

It had a current like a river, and as the current of a river stirs the air to wind over it, so did the road.

My wealth is in little memories and dreams, and in hopes that I sing in gardens when the moon is tender and the west wind stirs the lotus-buds.

Covent Garden, the sound that stirs, that excites, that is soul in utterance.

She was remote, somehow, and still, in the way that a tree is still, even as the air stirs its leaves.