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n. (plural of still English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: still)

Stills (Stephen Stills album)

Stills is a 1975 studio album by Stephen Stills. It is his third solo album and his first release on Columbia Records.

Stills began recording a solo album in 1973 under the tentative title As I Come of Age, and it was "almost completed" by February 1974. He may have recorded more in early 1974, but from May to December Stills was busy with a reunited Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Stills signed with Columbia early in 1975 and turned in this album, "a collection of tracks Stephen had been working on over the preceding several years" including "much of the material recorded for As I Come of Age". The piano and drum tracks by Stills and Ringo Starr for As I Come of Age date back to 1971, while "Turn Back the Pages" was recorded in 1975. Although "My Angel" is credited to Stills and Dallas Taylor, and Stills calls it a "jam on a set of Dallas' changes", Stills recorded a demo of the song in March 1967.

Stills (disambiguation)

The Stills are a Canadian indie rock band.

Stills may also refer to:

  • Stills (movie), photographs used for the advertising of a film
  • Stills (Stephen Stills album), 1975
  • Stills (Gauntlet Hair album), 2013
  • Stills, an EP by God Help the Girl
  • Stephen Stills (born 1945), American guitarist and singer-songwriter
  • Chris Stills (born 1974), American musician and son of Stephen Stills
  • Gary Stills (born 1974), American football player
Stills (Gauntlet Hair album)

Stills is the second studio album by American band Gauntlet Hair. It was released in July 2013 under Dead Ocean Records.

Usage examples of "stills".

Idly he opened the drawers, empty except for a few publicity stills of Viktor Staal with pinholes in the corners, presumably no longer her dreamboat.

Korad, and where it will ever lie beating alone for you until death stills it forever.

Dozens and dozens of small stills produced vile brews from grains, and every time the Wise Ones destroyed a still, two sprang up in its place.