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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
sticky note
▪ When full-blown free trade eventually comes, the Windwards will be on a very sticky wicket.
▪ When completely incorporated, dough will be very sticky.
▪ Either that, or he was in for a very sticky evening indeed.
▪ The police considered this and took him down to the station - for tea and sticky buns.
▪ Unessential is actually an unfair epithet when applied to sticky buns.
▪ What it is, though, is the original Philadelphia sticky bun encounter.
▪ The sticky buns, wrapped in two wax papers, went into his coat pocket.
▪ The glazed side will now be up and the glaze will run all over the sticky buns and off.
▪ And a sticky end ... marmalade shop to close after a century of trade Read in studio Good evening.
▪ I can't help but think that it's an unfortunate custom to name children after people who come to sticky ends.
▪ She ran a sticky finger down the monthly balance-sheet, then checked the figures against the handwritten bank statement.
▪ There would be sticky fingers everywhere, the result of handling rock, candy floss, oranges.
▪ I'd scan the sticky label in the front to see the book's lineage of fellow-sufferers.
▪ Evode has gone through a sticky patch.
▪ During a sticky patch in her relationship with Paul she bedded a 19-year-old holidaymaker in Ibiza.
▪ Only a trail of blue sticky stuff all on the gratings.
▪ Sticking plasters, perhaps made from paper or sticky tape, again in different shapes and sizes, offer choice and comparison.
▪ Put an old cushion inside a strong plastic bag, sealing it tightly with sticky tape.
▪ Not posters, fixed with sticky tape or drawing-pins.
▪ Or could I use a shoebox and sticky tape?
▪ Also, do not use large amounts of sticky tape to seal envelopes, as this can render them unusable.
▪ The lines marked out with sticky tape are where the kerb is going to be under the traffic-scheme proposals.
▪ Tearing the sticky tape from the front of his torch, he directed its increased light on to the grey metal door.
▪ Place one half on top of the other to form one large triangle, and stick together with sticky tape.
▪ When full-blown free trade eventually comes, the Windwards will be on a very sticky wicket.
a bad/difficult/sticky/rough patch
▪ Even when they knew he was going through a bad patch they would continue to deliver dangerous back-passes to him.
▪ Every team goes through a bad patch.
▪ Evode has gone through a sticky patch.
▪ Having hit a bad patch, financially, I decided I must try for some paid work with my knitting machine.
▪ Ruefully, she recalled her pleasure at the way the book, after a difficult patch, had begun to develop.
▪ Sometimes I am a real power pack of efficiency; then I hit a bad patch.
▪ Talk about hitting a bad patch.
▪ The Royal Family is certainly going through a rough patch.
▪ a hot sticky day in August
▪ Add flour to the mixture to prevent it from becoming sticky.
▪ She wrote the address on a sticky label and stuck it to her computer.
▪ Something about the sticky humid weather made people feel a little angry.
▪ The issue of equal school funding remains a sticky political issue.
▪ There's something sticky on the floor.
▪ We left Rome on a hot sticky day in August.
▪ Christina went upstairs to her bedroom, peeled off her sticky, crumpled clothes, and jumped into a tepid shower.
▪ I opened two bottles that I retrieved from the sticky mess on the cabin floor.
▪ Mum's cakes always sank, and Dad liked eating the sticky part in the middle with a spoon.
▪ Only a trail of blue sticky stuff all on the gratings.
▪ She felt hot and sticky and changed her clothes and put on a housecoat.
▪ So newly divorced Jayojit flies from the States to sticky Calcutta with his son.
▪ Sweat had made my skin sticky, and had glued rivulets of sand to my spectacles.
▪ Then she saw the bear stuck to the sticky ox.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sticky \Stick"y\, a. [Compar. Stickier; superl. Stickiest.] Having the quality of sticking to a surface; adhesive; gluey; viscous; viscid; glutinous; tenacious.

Herbs which last longest are those of strong smell, and with a sticky stalk.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1727, "adhesive, inclined to stick," from stick (v.) + -y (2). An Old English word for this was clibbor. First recorded 1864 in the sense of "sentimental;" of situations, 1915 with the meaning "difficult." Of weather, "hot and humid," from 1895. Sticky wicket is 1952, from British slang, in reference to cricket. Related: Stickily; stickiness.

  1. 1 Able or likely to stick. 2 Potentially difficult to escape from. 3 (context computing informal of a setting English) persistent. 4 (context computing of a window English) Appearing on all virtual desktops. 5 (context Internet of threads on a bulletin board English) Fixed at the top of the list of topics or threads so as to keep it in view. 6 (context Internet of a website English) compelling enough to keep visitors from leaving. 7 Of weather, hot and windless and with high humidity, so that people feel sticky from sweating. n. 1 A sticky note, such as a post-it note. 2 (context manufacturing English) A small adhesive particle found in wastepaper. 3 (cx AU colloquial English) A sweet dessert wine. v

  2. (context Internet bulletin boards English) to fix a thread at the top of the list of topics or threads so as to keep it in view.

  1. adj. having the properties of glue [syn: gluey, glutinous, gummy, mucilaginous, pasty, viscid, viscous]

  2. moist as with undried perspiration and with clothing sticking to the body; "felt sticky and chilly at the same time"

  3. hot or warm and humid; "muggy weather"; "the steamy tropics"; "sticky weather" [syn: muggy, steamy]

  4. hard to deal with; especially causing pain or embarrassment; "awkward (or embarrassing or difficult) moments in the discussion"; "an awkward pause followed his remark"; "a sticky question"; "in the unenviable position of resorting to an act he had planned to save for the climax of the campaign" [syn: awkward, embarrassing, unenviable]


Sticky may refer to:

  • Adhesion, the tendency of dissimilar particles or surfaces to cling to one another
  • Sticky (economics), resistant to change
  • Sticky (comics), a book of gay erotic comics
  • Sticky Fingaz or Sticky (born 1973), nickname of the US rapper and actor Kirk Jones
  • Sticky note, a generic term for a Post-it note or competitor
  • Sticky thread, an internet forum thread deemed important
  • Sticky bit, a user ownership access-right flag that can be assigned to files and directories on Unix systems
  • Sticky session, see Load balancing (computing)#Persistence
  • Sticky (Swedish company), a small company specializing in eye tracking
Sticky (comics)

Sticky is a book of gay erotic comics written by Dale Lazarov and drawn by Steve MacIsaac. It was originally serialized in three issues by Eros Comics / Fantagraphics. The series was collected, with remastered color, better paper and production values, and a new framing sequence, as a hardcover published by Bruno Gmünder Verlag.

The book uses wordless sequential art to tell four stories about masculine gay men who find unexpected congeniality as well as sexual passion with each other. These stories are interleaved with a framing narrative of a gay couple whose intimacy is enhanced by the stories they read in their copy of the book. The illustration consists of line art with a limited monochromatic palette for each story. The framing sequences use full color. The hardcover collection of Sticky is 80 pages long, and was published by Bruno Gmünder Verlag (Berlin, Germany) in March 2006.

In TimeOut Chicago, Jason Heidemann wrote, "Carnality and sweetness is the exactly the right combination that makes Sticky a real standout in the genre. Readers will find the material is both erotically charged and unabashedly romantic."

Sticky (Swedish company)

Sticky is a technology company that has developed a platform for web cam based eye tracking making the benefits of eye tracking accessible on the internet and providing brand advertisers with objective data for optimization of digital branding performances.

Sticky was founded in 2010 by Mathias Plank as a spin-off from Tobii Technology and is today led by CEO Hans Lee.
In May 2012, Northzone Ventures invested $3 million in the company In April 2013, the company raised an additional $3 million in venture capital from Northzone and Conor Venture partners

Sticky has offices in San Francisco, US, New York City, US, Stockholm, Sweden and London, UK. The solutions are sold directly and through resellers and partners worldwide.

Usage examples of "sticky".

Oswald Brunies, the strutting, candy-sucking teacher -- a monument will be erected to him -- to him with magnifying glass on elastic, with sticky bag in sticky coat pocket, to him who collected big stones and little stones, rare pebbles, preferably mica gneiss -- muscovy biotite -- quartz, feldspar, and hornblende, who picked up pebbles, examined them, rejected or kept them, to him the Big Playground of the Conradinum was not an abrasive stumbling block but a lasting invitation to scratch about with the tip of his shoe after nine rooster steps.

Baronius, spreading their sticky web, trying to catch whatever they can of the treasures from the Spanish Rooms and the Bibliotheca Palatina.

Gert Wolfram, that blubbery freak-show guy, claimed he discovered stickies.

Zero and Cisco and Bowler and Angie and the others sank quickly into sticky white stuff, sank up to their chins.

Most stickies simply had a gaping buccal orifice, fringed with ragged porcine hairs, that dribbled wetly.

The black mucky soil sprouted string beans in pale green clusters their pods felt sticky and furry to Prospero as he bent down to look at them the delicate ferny tops of carrots, big clumpish cabbages, and tomato vines on leaning crutches.

In some analytical pocket of his mind Isaac realized that these were not, could not be, grots of history coagulated and distilled into that sticky resin.

The idea of Harold steering his mother from the baboons to the sea lions, from the coypu pond to the zebra house, pulling her gently out of the way of supercilious camels with sticky children on their backs was, to Nell, infinitely touching.

He picked up one of the uneaten crullers and twisted it with both hands until it broke into sticky chunks.

Ron Delaine lay on the floor, facedown, fresh blood circling his head like a sticky red halo.

She and Winston had been here for the better part of a week, but she was no closer to resolving the sticky situation involving Dreamscape than she had been that first afternoon.

Sticky with perspiration from head to foot, Erg Noor, with no will of his own, strode towards the black gap in the darkness.

Hungry with no market-day bun, Jack had yearned for fancy bread, sticky with sugar and finer than cake, something he had tasted one Whitsunday.

Gird and Fori scooped up the sticky paste of soaked grain, and ate it from dirty fingers.

A sticky kind of fungal mould slimed every leaf for three metres above the ground.