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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Stich \Stich\, n. [Gr. sti`chos a row, line, akin to to go, march, E. sty, v. i.]

  1. A verse, of whatever measure or number of feet.

  2. A line in the Scriptures; specifically (Hebrew Scriptures), one of the rhythmic lines in the poetical books and passages of the Old Treatment, as written in the oldest Hebrew manuscripts and in the Revised Version of the English Bible.

  3. A row, line, or rank of trees.


n. 1 (context obsolete English) A verse, of whatever measure or number of feet, especially a verse of the Scriptures. 2 (context obsolete English) A row, line, or rank of trees.


Stich is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Giovanni Punto, born Jan Václav Stich (1746–1803), Czech horn player and composer
  • Michael Stich (born 1968), German professional tennis player
  • Otto Stich (1927–2012), Swiss politician
  • Stephen Stich (born 1943), professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University

Usage examples of "stich".

Volk gebracht hatte, konnte wissentlich nicht einmal einen Hund im Stich lassen.

Proponents of this view, for example, Paul Church-land and Stephen Stich, argue that subjectively experienced mental states should be regarded as nonexistent, on the grounds that the descriptions of such states are irreducible to the language of neuroscience.

However, he further recalled as he sat on a needlepoint cushion, a Skye terrier depicted in fraying stiches, raising him up on his short legged desk chair, he was supposed to leave personal descriptions out of his work.

Then he turned it inside out, to show her the irregular stiches that held the lining.