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abbr. something


STH can refer to:

  • STH (gene), a human gene
  • Somatotropin hormone, now more commonly referred to as growth hormone
  • Subtropical High, a band of atmospheric high pressure found between 30 and 35 degrees both north and south
  • St Thomas' Hospital in London
  • St. Helen's School, an independent girls school in a suburb of London
  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • "Something", the English indefinite pronoun
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (character), the video game character
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (series), the series of video games starring the character
  • " Stairway to Heaven", a song by the rock band Led Zeppelin
  • Shrek the Halls, a TV special
  • Stockholm, capital of Sweden
  • Soil-transmitted helminth, a type of parasitic worm
  • Soil-transmitted helminthiasis, disease caused by soil-transmitted helminths
STH (gene)

Saitohin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the STH gene.

Usage examples of "sth".

In a barracks located on 1 sth Street, south of the Treasury grounds, were the barracks of the Union Light Guard, which company furnished the cavalrymen at the north gates.

The remains of the Sth and 11th Suzdalian and third battery are back in the city.