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Steyr is a statutory city, located in the Austrian federal state of Upper Austria. It is the administrative capital, though not part of Steyr-Land District. Steyr is Austria's 12th most populated town and the 3rd largest town in Upper Austria.

The city has a long history as a manufacturing center and has given its name to several manufacturers headquartered there, such as the former Steyr-Daimler-Puch conglomerate and its successor Steyr Motors.

Steyr (river)

The is a river in Upper Austria. Rising in the Totes Gebirge near Kirchdorf an der Krems, it flows into the Enns River in Steyr at a "Y" position. The city of Steyr uses this "Y" for marketing purposes. Its length is approx. 68 km.

Steyr (disambiguation)

Steyr is a city in Upper Austria.

Steyr may also refer to:

  • Steyr (river), a river in Upper Austria
  • Steyr-Daimler-Puch, formerly a large manufacturing conglomerate based in Steyr, Austria
    • Steyr Automobile, a former car brand of this company
  • Steyr Mannlicher, an Austrian-based firearms manufacturer
    • Steyr AUG, a rifle manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher
  • Steyr Tractor a marque of CNH Global
  • Magna Steyr, an automotive manufacturer

Usage examples of "steyr".

The heavy metal of the Steyr SSG-70 rifle across his back and the blaster at his hip seemed to be leeching away what little heat his body generated.

Ryan replied, taking the Steyr off the dashboard and working the bolt to chamber a round.

Ryan ordered, wrapping the leather strap of the Steyr around his forearm to steady his aim.

Ryan declared, firing and smoothly working the bolt action on the Steyr as fast as he could.

Ryan warned, removing the partially used clip from the Steyr and inserting a fully loaded one.

AK-47, so Ryan had one of the blasters tucked in there, but he had his Steyr and another Kalashnikov strapped across his back.

Sighting through the scope of the Steyr, Ryan relaxed a notch when he saw loose cable dangling from the dish.

The Steyr SSG-70 bolt-action rifle was undamaged, but the rotary clip in the breech was exhausted, and there were no more mags in his ammo pouch.

He had searched for sniper rifles among the weaponry in the Quonset hut, and near a Barrett 1-A had found a case of Steyr longblasters and boxes of ammo, along with the rotary mag they used.

Ryan unlimbered the Steyr and chambered a round, when the night split apart with a thunderous discharge, a foot-long lance of flame reaching out from the pitted maw of the Colt Python held in the bloody hands of a grim-faced Jak Lauren.

The Steyr spoke twice, finishing the job, and Sheffield hit the ground hard, his head freely rolling away to splash into the dark waters.

Satisfied for the moment, Ryan stuffed some more rotary clips for the Steyr into his jacket pocket and filled the ammo pouch on his belt with clips for the SIG-Sauer.

Ryan shouted, sliding the Steyr SSG-70 off his shoulder and working the bolt.

Ryan demanded, working the bolt on the Steyr to clear a jammed round from the breech.

Stepping into range, Ryan aimed the Steyr and fired into its pulped mouth.