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Even though good old Dorrity, Stetch and Bowden do corporation and estate work and handle tax matters, I do have friends in the police force.

BOW DEN was in his office the following Tuesday morning, going over with a young lawyer named Johnny Karick, who had been with Dorrity, Stetch and Bowden less than a year a trustee report from the New Essex Bank and Trust Company when Charlie Hopper phoned and said he was in the neighborhood and would it be convenient if he dropped in for a couple of minutes.

The bank acted as trustee on many of the estates represented by Donity, Stetch and Bowden.

And two weeks later, after long phone conversations with Bill Stetch, they were in New Essex, in a rented house, and Sam was boning up for his bar examinations.

Hell, when it was just Dorrity and Stetch, I knew we needed some noble motives around here, so we could retain our sanctimonious manner.

Much nearer at hand, winding between mighty stetches of jungle, ran the cold, wide river.

The worst of the run had been accomplished, though there were still several falls and dams to be shot and long stetches of dead water to be paddled.

She stetched a wrinkled arm along the wide armrest of the chair and tapped her cigarette.

He rose and took his clothes off and got back in bed where she was and kissed her and stetched out beside her, looking at her.

The stubbly little robot struts around stetching his joints between irritated whis- tles.