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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ This guy was from stereoscopic vision.
▪ But remember that with one eye out of action, your stereoscopic vision is disabled and that means poor range perception.
▪ More recently, in an age of man-made satellites, the polar stereoscopic projection and the equatorial stereoscopic projection have become important.
▪ The embracing stereoscopic action gives a truer measure of volume, mass and space.
▪ These advanced primates had large brains and eyes at the front of the face that gave them stereoscopic forward vision.
▪ They also show in relief when viewed as a stereoscopic pair.
▪ To fully comprehend space we need stereoscopic touch, hearing and vision.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Stereoscopic \Ste`re*o*scop"ic\, Stereoscopical \Ste`re*o*scop"ic*al\, a. Of or pertaining to the stereoscope; characteristic of, or adapted to, the stereoscope; as, a stereoscopic effect; the stereoscopic function of the eyeglasses; stereoscopic views. -- Ste`re*o*scop"ic*al*ly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1852, from stereoscope + -ic.


a. 1 of or relating to stereoscopy; three-dimensional 2 of or relating to the stereoscope 3 that is designed to be used by both eyes simultaneously, or that has been obtained by imaging from two viewpoints simultaneously

  1. adj. of or relating to a stereoscope; "stereoscopic lenses"

  2. of or relating to stereoscopy; "stereoscopic vision"

Usage examples of "stereoscopic".

I will make you look at a real landscape with your right eye, and a stereoscopic view of it with your left eye, both at once, and you can slide one over the other by a little management and see how exactly the picture overlies the true landscape.

We produced front and side views with photogrammetry, a technique using stereoscopic photography .

If you can bring the two opposing images together as you would on a stereoscopic viewer, and as traditional Christians bring together the Father, Son and Holy Ghost of the Trinity, then you will have understood something about the power and metaphysicality of these unsorted yet related words.

Yet the infant human can see from birth, rapidly develops stereoscopic vision and the capacity to focus, and soon learns to recognize objects even when they are seen at fluctuating angles and distances and in different forms of illumination.

I told my helmet computer to expand the subterrain display over my entire visor, providing a stereoscopic vision of what lay beneath my feet.

Stereoscopic Company in Regent Street, gazing at presentments of Madame Svengali in all sizes and costumes.

The old man used a boxlike little apparatus which produced realistic stereoscopic images, carefully naming each object or scene be exhibited.

Since you have no experience with fighter craft, you won't be able to fly this thing, but you can experience a bomb run just by putting on the stereoscopic helmet while I fly.

The distinctive feature is that, by using two intersecting beams, Platt gets a stereoscopic effect and can chart the major discontinuities at any distance underground that he wants.

Then it was computer enhanced in color on two continuous sheets of photographic paper that were overlapped for stereoscopic interpretation.

Without stereoscopic vision, Shasa had difficulty in judging distance, but he had developed the knack of defining relative size and added to this a kind of sixth sense that enabled him to pilot an aircraft, strike a polo ball, or shoot as well as any fully sighted person.

The stereoscopic microscope, which is of value in studying abrasions and alterations since it gives depth, in this case tells me that there has been nothing of that sort practised.

When I walked in she was sitting at a black countertop peering into the ocular lens of a stereoscopic microscope, a spiral notebook at her elbow filled with neatly written notes.

I felt as if I was now looking at the hallway from a new viewpoint, the right-hand picture of a stereoscopic photograph, instead of the left.

Perry, staring into the stereoscopic picture, found himself floating over Pennsylvania Avenue facing west.