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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Steerable \Steer"a*ble\ (-[.a]*b'l), a. Capable of being steered; dirigible.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1836, originally of balloons, from steer (v.) + -able.


a. Capable of being steered.


adj. capable of being steered or directed [syn: dirigible]

Usage examples of "steerable".

Thus there was not much heard about steerable balloons until some years later, when M.

The dirigible quivered as her steerable tiltmotors held the nose threaded into the anchor ring of the tower.

The steel-and-aluminum shape of the great, steerable dish antenna, designed for modern astronomy, was silhouetted against the sky.

After only six seconds he felt the drag chute pull from his main chute, then the gradual slowing as the rectangular, steerable chute deployed.

They were using black steerable rectangular ramjet parachutes but had skydived for most of the distance, reaching forward speeds of up to 150 miles per hour and navigating with the aid of night-vision goggles by comparing the terrain with the map they had studied and the video made by a Ranger reconnaissance plane the night before.

When a third wheel was fitted with a stub axle and slid into place in the forked lower end of the post, the test stand looked remarkably like a three-wheeled, steerable, steam-engine-powered platform that was mounted on legs.