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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sted \Sted\ (st[e^]d), n., Stedfast \Sted"fast\ (-f[.a]st), a., Stedfastly \Sted"fast*ly\, adv., etc. See Stead, Steadfast, etc.


adv. (non-gloss definition: short for) instead of n. (context largely obsolete English) (alternative spelling of stead English)


STED is a four letter acronym which can mean:

  • Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscope
  • Summary of TEchnical Documentation
  • Septic Tank Effluent Drainage system

Usage examples of "sted".

The men, trusting blindly that Sted would see to the protection of their families and village, took to the boats with their breakfasts in their pockets and more of the same for eating later.

He looked at Sted in silent appeal, but the older Herald was already mounting and preparing to ride to the next village.

Vedalia could not have fit in them, Sted was in the prow of the foremost, his white uniform shining in the early light.

Alain lie back, his shivering easing, a flask of some herb cordial that Sted had pressed into his hand, sheer exhaustion flattening him against the support of rope and blankets that Sted had rigged for him.

Muddy as they often are, the roads men make have served me well enough since I left Stedding Shangtai.

I will go back to Stedding Shangtai immediately, confess everything to Elder Haman, and never leave my books again.

I can sketch a plan of Mafal DadaranellI saw the maps, once, in an old book in Stedding Shangtaibut of Fal Dara, I know no more than you.

Ogier standards, not old enough by ten years to be outside the stedding alone.

Andor, and his man, called Hurin, with Loial, an Ogier of Stedding Shangtai.

Ogier does not mean there are no stonemasons down from Stedding Tsofu.

Rand, I may have been too hasty in leaving Stedding Shangtai the way I did.

The Ogier himself appeared the most reluctant of all to go to Stedding Tsofu.

I have heard that Stedding Shangtai has a young Treesinger who is very talented, but we have two.

You will look after him, and when the weaving is done, you will see that he comes safely home to Stedding Shangtai.

Cantoine lies just above the River Iralell, and Stedding Taijing is east of it in the Spine of the World.