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n. (plural of stead English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: stead)

Usage examples of "steads".

He might not have read so much had his friend Vardial lived closer, but with more than fifteen vingts between steads, they seldom saw each other.

They wouldn't try that until they've taken the softer steads to the north, and that wouldn't be till midwinter at the earliest.

The company has seen attacks on steads somewhere in the area once or twice a week.

This year most of them grew very little, and there are more of them in the steads they took over, so whatever the previous owners grew wasn't enough.

They're old, and they show some steads that are no longer there, but they're the best we can do.

The holdings remained far smaller than the steads of Iron Stem, but the stone houses were all neat and in good repair.

There had to have been, but he guessed that in the more fertile areas, such as Madrien, the signs of abandoned hamlets and steads had vanished.

Alucius studied the steads and fields, taking in the two rivers, the Vyana to his left, running westward through the lower fields to the south, and the Vedra to his right.

The two companies rode southward through low, rolling hills with prosperous steads on each side and occasional small towns.

That's one reason why the Northern Guard has used those off of herder steads as scouts for generations.

On the steads, we're always on the lookout for sandwolves and sanders, but I've heard that there aren't many south of the Vedra.

On their ride south and west, they had passed close to a score of long-abandoned steads set on the side of Kills that looked too arid to support much of anything.

There are bound to be steads closer to the main road, but we need to know what might be along the back route.

For the first several vingts, they had seen nothing, and the handful of steads they passed were empty.

We don't know as much as I'd like, but it looks like this prophet Adarat has used some form of Talent to persuade people to leave their homes and steads and serve him as lancers, and perhaps in many other ways as well.