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STE may refer to:

  • Secure Terminal Equipment
  • Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad
  • Stevens Point Municipal Airport, IATA code STE
  • Servicio de Transportes Eléctricos, a large public transit authority in Mexico City
  • Simplified Technical English
  • Sigma Theta Epsilon
  • Saint, Ste., forms the French abbreviation for Sainte, the feminine form
  • STE-1, model number of the Shadow Telecine
  • Star Trek: Enterprise, 2001-2005 Star Trek TV series
  • Atari STE, an enhanced version of the Atari ST computer family
  • Special Touring Edition, a model of the Pontiac 6000 automobile
  • Suite (address), abbreviated "Ste" or "STE"
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Diminutive form of the name Steven

Usage examples of "ste".

Chateau Ste Roseline, delicately fruity, and an uncommon find in England, where the warm weather which foSters the appreciation of such summery wines is normally rarer yet.

One suppos they were expected to make a dash for it, down the ste One wondered whether, if Tabini, had been on t plane, they would have found such a canopy.

At this moment some men in blouses, those whom the Second of December had enliSted, appeared at the corner of the Rue Ste.

Information SySTEms Security, the encryption within the STE is so powerful that, given projected foreign codebreaking capabilities, it will remain fully secure for at least fifty years.

Presently his dog died, and the day afterwards he suddenly disappeared from Pontiac, and wandered on to Ste.

In time the word spread amongst the tight community of deep cavers that there was no point in making the long climb up to Gouffre Port-de-Larrau, when there was so much better caving to be had in the vast gouffre field above Ste.

The Exotics, like Earth, Mars, Freiland, Dorsai, and the little Catholic Christian world of Ste.

So I must conclude we'll be seeing no marked change of government or alteration in relations with the Exotics after all on Ste.

And that under the mutual assistance treaty that had always exiSted between the Exotics and the legal government of Ste.

But just then Donal Graeme, who had accepted the position of War Chief for the Friendlies, carried out his first subsurface extrication of a Friendly expeditionary force from Coby, the airless mining world in the same syStem as the Exotic worlds and Ste.

But what I didn't see—and apparently you didn't either— was that, inevitably, once the Blue Front was kicked out, the Friendlies would put in an occupation force on Ste.

Whenever it was possible he showed films free of charge at, for instance, a Knights of Pythias evening for underprivileged kids or any charity event in Ste.

On the loose side were ranged Earth, the Dorsai, the Exotic worlds of Mara and Kultis, New Earth, Freiland, Mars and the small Catholic world of Ste.

After about eight blocks, it began traveling eastward again, creeping up the slope of a Steep hill, at the top of which sat the crumbly old Gothic abbey church of Ste. Genevieve-du-Mont.

Four thousand shells fell on Ste. Genevieve, near Nomeny, in a bombardment lasting seventy-five hours.