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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Statistic \Sta*tis"tic\ (st[.a]*t[i^]s"t[i^]k), Statistical \Sta*tis"tic*al\ (-t[i^]*kal), a. [Cf. F. statistique.] Of or pertaining to statistics; as, statistical knowledge; statistical tabulation.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1787, from statistics + -al (1). Related: Statistically.


a. Of or pertaining to statistics.


adj. of or relating to statistics; "statistical population"


Usage examples of "statistical".

To-day it is our system of public book-keeping, a part of our state statistical organization, a clearing-house of obligations and a monetary record of the accumulating surplus of racial energy, which the world-controls apportion to our ever expanding enterprises.

Oxnard, employing multivariate statistical analysis, renewed and amplified the line of attack begun by Zuckerman.

It meant that the incidence of TB salpingitis could no longer be dismissed as a statistical fluke.

Arriving in New York, she had gone with Alger Kates and Nina Boone to the BPR New York office, where Kates had gone into the statistical section, and she and Nina had helped department heads to collect props to be used as illustrations of points in the speech.

But statistical anomalies would not help the children of Belarus and Pripyat.

For interest, it is worth mentioning that there are quite orthodox methods of statistical inference that try to bypass Bayesian ideas.

First, it would test, using statistical procedures, whether there are significant behavioral differences at the crime scene between crimes committed by organized sexual murderers and those committed by disorganized sexual murderers.

Our aim is to find ways of reducing the Bernoulli Interval to zero: that is, to make guesses of ever-increasing accuracy on the basis of an ever-decreasing statistical sample, or, to put it another way, to move from probabilistic to absolute prediction, or, rephrasing it yet again, to replace guesswork with clairvoyance.

Chemistry and Physics only deal with them as exhibiting statistical complexes of the effects of their more intimate laws.

Most of the experiments have been with lower animals and with plants, but recent experiments and statistical studies show that Mendelism is an important factor in human heredity, in such characteristics as color of hair and eyes and skin, partial color blindness, defects of eye, ear, and other important organs.

For exactly the same reason, a single fixed probability mist is not the only statistical structure with which Platonia can be endowed.

Yet Lick went straight to work tinkering with it, using it for lengthy statistical calculations and psychoacoustics experiments.

Far from being a story which alternately excites and consoles, life is an endless slurry of computer print-out, a pie chart of statistical trends in which you, I fear, have been allotted the slimmest of slices.

In a lengthy opinion, in which he registered his concurrence with both decisions, Justice Frankfurter set forth extensive statistical data calculated to prove that labor unions not only were possessed of considerable economic power but by virtue of such power were no longer dependent on the closed shop for survival.

IN hypertext, multivocalism is popular, graphic elements, both drawn and scanned, have been incorporated into the narratives, imaginative font changes have been employed to identify various voices or plot elements, and there has also been a very effective use of formal documents not typically used in fictions -- statistical charts, song lyrics, newspaper articles, film scripts, doodles and photographs, baseball cards and box scores, dictionary entries, rock music album covers, astrological forecasts, board games and medical and police reports.