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Stanisławski (feminine: Stanisławska) is a Polish locational surname, which originally meant a person from a place in Poland called Stanisław, Stanisławów, or Stanisławice, all of which in turn derive from the given name Stanisław.

The surname may refer to:

  • Gary Stanislawski (born 1959), American politician
  • Holger Stanislawski (born 1969), German football player and manager
  • Jan Stanisławski (painter) (1860–1907), Polish painter
  • Jan Stanisławski (lexicographer) (1893–1973), Polish lexicographer
  • Konstantin Stanislavsky (1863–1938), Russian actor and theater director
  • Michael Stanislawski (born 1952), American historian
  • Anna Stanisławska, (1651 – 1701), Polish author and poet
  • Olga Stanisławska, Polish writer and freelance journalist