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standard atmosphere

n. a unit of pressure: the pressure that will support a column of mercury 760 mm high at sea level and 0 degrees centigrade [syn: atmosphere, atm, standard pressure]

Standard atmosphere

Standard atmosphere may refer to:

  • A standard reference value for air pressure:
    • Atmosphere (unit), an approximation of the value at sea level
    • Atmospheric pressure, other reference values
  • One of various Atmospheric models of how atmospheric pressure, density, and temperature vary with altitude:
    • The U.S. Standard Atmosphere, a series of models that give values for pressure, density, and temperature over a range of altitudes
    • The International Standard Atmosphere (ISA), an international standard model, defining typical atmospheric properties with altitude, at mid-latitude

Usage examples of "standard atmosphere".

Ann had been spared the effects of dysbarism because the rescue ball had been inflated to one standard atmosphere with pure oxygen, which she had been breathing for hours.

On Earth, while total air pressure was one standard atmosphere, oxygen made up only 21 percent of the air and so the partial pressure was 21 percent of one standard atmosphere.

It was ringed about the middle by a transparent mooring tube and pressurized to the standard atmosphere on the surface below.

In space, rather than building spacecraft capable of handling Earth's standard atmosphere, a lower pressure was used with a correspondingly higher percentage of oxygen so that astronauts could have the same amount of oxygen.

Fires consumed oxygen when they burned and a fire in pure oxygen could burn much hotter and faster than the same fire in a standard atmosphere.

The pressure outside couldn't be much more than a standard atmosphere.

Within thirty seconds the atmosphere in the interior was up to half a standard atmosphere, oxygen-rich and matched to that of the ship they had just left.

His breathing was unconsciously natural in the ship's standard atmosphere, and his build had been forged at one point zero gee.