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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Stalder \Stal"der\ (st[add]l"d[~e]r), n. [From the root of stall.] A wooden frame to set casks on. [Prov. Eng.]


n. (context UK dialect English) A wooden frame to set casks on.


Stalder may refer to:

  • Florian Stalder (born 1982), racing cyclist
  • Josef Stalder (1919–1991), gymnast
  • Keith J. Stalder, United States Marine Corps general
  • Lara Stalder (born 1994), ice hockey player
  • Marvin Stalder (1905–1982), rower
  • Ralph Stalder (born 1986), ice hockey player
  • Richard Stalder (born 1951), public official

Usage examples of "stalder".

Pansy Stalder was forty-eight years old, had long stringy red hair, was fifty pounds overweight causing her to waddle when she walked and wore dresses that were too short and too tight.

After a perturbed Pansy Stalder left the office, Lucille pushed the button on the intercom.