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STAC may refer to:

  • STAC (protein), a protein containing a C1 domain
  • STAC Swiss Government Flights
  • Sepak Takraw Association of Canada, a sport association
  • Service des transports de l'agglomération chambérienne, a transport service in Chambéry, France, part of former Compagnie générale française des transports et entreprises
  • Service de transport adapté de la Capitale, a transport service in Quebec, Canada
  • Severe Terrain Archaeological Campaign, an archaeological project in the Hebrides
  • Sirtuin-activating compound, a class of biochemical compounds
  • Special Transit Advisory Commission, a commission that founded the Triangle Transit transport service in North Carolina, United States
  • Student Television Arts Company
  • Supersonic Transport Aircraft Committee
  • Southern Theatre Arts Centre, a training venue for performers, technicians and production students based in Durrington by Sea, Worthing, West Sussex, England
  • St. Thomas Aquinas College
  • St. Andrew's College
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas College (Sogod)
  • Securities Technology Analysis Center
  • STAC Benchmark Council
  • Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Crime, see Crime hotspots
  • an extended version of the Graphic Adventure Creator software

Stac may refer to :

  • Stac Electronics, an engineering company founded in 1983 by seven friends at Caltech
    • Lempel–Ziv–Stac a data compression algorithm originally developed by Stac Electronics
  • Stac, the Gaelic word for a sea stack commonly used in Scotland
    • Stac an Armin
    • Stac Dhòmhnaill Chaim
    • Stac Biorach
    • Stac Lee
    • Stac Levenish
    • Stac Pollaidh
    • Stac Rhos

Usage examples of "stac".

And on the other side of the squall a dark wall coming to meet them, towering cliffs of black rock sliding back from the starboard wing, the glimpse of two stacs, their tops hidden in cloud.

Sizable peaks such as Stac Polly and Ben More loom over lochs, sea cliffs, and moonscape terrain, though most of the peaks are hidden in misty clouds that hover over the area.

The story describes the gradual degradation of an android, Stac Fuoss, from office bossa position taken over by a human employeeto alcoholic, part-time worker and murderer.

While she was preoccupied, Cameron examined a stac of books piled by her pillow.