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Stabekk is a suburban centre in the municipality of Bærum, Norway. Stabekk is predominantly a residential area and has some most of the conservative populace in Norway. As of 2005 the population was 6,261.

Former President of the Norwegian parliament and Høyre leader (conservative party) Jo Benkow was born in Stabekk.

Stabekk is located on the west coast of the city and has the highest income per capita in Norway and the highest proportion of university-educated individuals. Stabekk, particularly its eastern neighbourhoods bordering West End Oslo, is one of Norway's priciest and most fashionable residential areas, leading Stabekk residents to be frequently stereotyped as snobs in Norwegian popular culture.

Stabekk has a commercial district, roughly divided into Øvre (Upper) Stabekk and Nedre (Lower) Stabekk, separated by a hill. There are a number of retail shops in both these sections and in the lower section there is a commuter railroad station, served by Drammenbanen.

Stabekk also has a bandy field, a high school, and a tennis club.

The campus in which the Norwegian Teachers College for Home Economics is located, is now on the architectural registry 1.

The football team Stabæk I.F. originates from Stabekk, the name Stabæk being an archaic spelling, but the team has since relocated to Bekkestua. The bandy team of Stabæk I.F. is among the absolute best in Norway. Stabekk Håndball is playing in the top-division in Norwegian Handball called Postenligaen.

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