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SSU may refer to:

  1. REDIRECT Special Security Unit
  • [Special Security Unit]
  • Soong Sil University,Seoul
  • Sacramento State University, California
  • Southern States University, California
  • Salem State University, Massachusetts
  • Salisbury State University, Maryland
  • Savannah State University, Georgia
  • Samar State University, Philippines
  • Shawnee State University, Ohio
  • Sonoma State University, California
  • Southampton Solent University, England
  1. REDIRECT Special Security Unit
  • [Special Security Unit]
  • [Stage Safety Unit], specialist Motor Sports Rescue / Rapid Safety Intervention unit for providing early intervention to an incident on a Motor Sports Rally Special Stage
  1. REDIRECT Special Security Unit Specialized unit of the Sindh Police for performing security and counterterrorism functions
  • Security Service of Ukraine
  • Saybolt Second, Universal a non-metric measure of kinematic viscosity
  • Silvermania, supporters of Perak FA, a Malaysian football club
  • small-subunit as in SSU rRNA (small-subunit ribosomal RNA) or SSU rDNA (small-subunit ribosomal RNA gene)
  • Strategic Services Unit, a US intelligence organization of the 1940s
  • Swedish Social Democratic Youth League
  • Synchronization Supply Unit, to reduce synchronization problems in digital telecommunications