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SSAT is an abbreviation for:

  • Samsung Aptitude Test
  • Secondary School Admission Test
  • SSAT
  • Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test
  • Social Security Appeals Tribunal
SSAT (The Schools Network)

SSAT (The Schools Network) is a UK-based, independent educational membership organisation working with primary, secondary, special and free schools, academies and UTCs. Its work is focused on providing support and training in four main areas: teaching and learning, curriculum, networking, and leadership development.

The current company was set up in May 2012, registered as SSAT (The Schools Network) Limited, to carry out the business of the previous Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. Whilst based in the UK, SSAT operates worldwide through its international arm, iNet. SSAT has almost 3000 member schools in England and internationally.

The Chief Executive of SSAT is Sue Williamson, a former headteacher of Monks' Dyke Technology College in Lincolnshire, and former Strategic Director of Leadership and Innovation at the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. Other educational staff come from a wide range of contexts and have diverse experience and expertise.