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SRN or Srn may refer to:

  • SR.N (Saunders-Roe Nautical), A series of hovercraft produced by Saunders-Roe:
    • SR.N1, the first modern hovercraft
    • SR.N2, the first hovercraft to operate a commercial service
    • SR.N3, the first hovercraft designed for military use
    • SR.N4, or Mountbatten class, a large four-prop ferry hovercraft
    • SR.N5, or Bell SK-5, a river patrol hovercraft used in Vietnam
    • SR.N6, a longer SR.N5 which could carry 38 passengers
  • SRN1 mechanism, a radical-nucleophilic aromatic substitution in organic chemistry
  • Salem Radio Network, a United States-based Christian radio network
  • Scottish Recovery Network, an initiative designed to raise awareness of recovery from mental disorders
  • Simple recurrent network, a type of recurrent neural network
  • Language code for Sranan Tongo, a Creole language
  • A state registered nurse in the United Kingdom
  • Strong Republic Nautical Highway, a network of highway and vehicular ferry routes in the Philippines