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SRM may refer to:

  • Schoberer Rad Me├čtechnik, a manufacturer of bicycle accessories
  • SRM University, in Chennai, India
In computing
  • srm (Unix), a secure file deletion tool for POSIX systems
  • Single Round Match, an online algorithm competition organized by TopCoder
  • Storage Resource Management, software that manages utilization of storage products
  • Structural risk minimization, a principle in machine learning
  • System Reference Manual, the standard firmware and boot console for Alpha-based computer systems
In technology
  • Solar radiation management, a geoengineering technique
  • Switched reluctance motor, a synchronous electric motor
In chemistry
  • Selected reaction monitoring, a method for targeted, mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomics
  • Selective receptor modulator, a type of drug
  • Specified risk material, animal tissue that may transmit specific diseases
  • Standard Reference Method, used to measure the relative darkness of a beer
  • Socialist Republic of Macedonia, a constituent republic in the former SFR Yugoslavia
  • Supplier Relationship Management, a business-supplier relationship concept
  • Standard Reference Method, a system to specify beer color
  • Single Resolution Mechanism, one of the main pillars of the European Union's banking union
Srm (Unix)

srm (or Secure Remove) is a command line utility for Unix-like computer systems for secure file deletion.