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SRF may refer to:


  • Syria Revolutionaries Front, formed in December 2013
  • Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, German-language broadcaster in Switzerland
  • SRF Limited, an Indian manufacturing company
  • SENS Research Foundation, organization working in aging-related applications of medicine, Mountain View, California, USA

Science and Technology:

  • Serum response factor, in genetics
  • Server Response File, ATL Server
  • Solid recovered fuel, from waste
  • Superconducting radio frequency technology, superconductors in RF devices
  • .srf, computer file extension for a raw image file


  • Self-Realization Fellowship, spiritual organization
  • Silk Road Fund, Chinese state backed investment fund
  • SleepResearch Facility, a musician
  • Spec Racer Ford, a class of racing car
  • State Revolving Fund
  • Scholar Rescue Fund
  • Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation
  • Systematic Reconnaissance Flight