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SRA may refer to:

  • The National Center for Biotechnology Information's Sequence Read Archive (previously known as the Short Read Archive)
  • SRA, a particular type of Semiregular variable star
  • Suicide risk assessment
  • Satanic ritual abuse
  • Spoon River Anthology
  • Seamless Rate Adaptation, a feature of the ADSL2 data communication technology
  • Senior Airman (SrA), a rank within the United States Air Force
  • Square root approximation
  • SRA0 to SRA4 are ISO 217 standard paper sizes
  • Surveillance radar approach, a type of non-precision approach in aviation.
  • Señora, a Spanish title for a woman is abbreviated "Sra." The English equivalent is " Mrs."
  • SRA-shooting, Sovellettu reserviläisammunta, Finnish practical shooting sports.
  • Superhuman Registration Act, the (fictitious) law that requires superhumans to register their identities, created by Marvel Comics
  • Serotonin releasing agent
  • Stratford station, a railway interchange in London, United Kingdom
  • Sonic Rush Adventure, a video game for the Nintendo DS