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SR may refer to: it is flip-flop consist of two additional AND gate at the S & R input of SR latch

SR (programming language)

SR (short for Synchronizing Resources) is a programming language designed for concurrent programming.

Resources encapsulate processes and the variables they share, and can be separately compiled. Operations provide the primary mechanism for process interaction.

SR provides a novel integration of the mechanisms for invoking and servicing operations. Consequently, it supports local and remote procedure call, rendezvous, message passing, dynamic process creation, multicast, semaphores and shared memory.

Version 2.2 has been ported to the Apollo, DECstation, Data General AViiON, HP 9000 Series 300, Multimax, NeXT, PA-RISC, RS/6000, Sequent Symmetry, SGI IRIS, Sun-3, Sun-4 and others.

Usage examples of "sr".

In this excerpt, his physically departed guru, Sri Yukteswar, returns in his astral form, from beyond the grave, to bring inspiration to his beloved disciple.

His Highness the Maharajadhiraj Raj Rajeshwar Narendra Kami Shriomani Sawai fai Maharaja Sri Ganga Muazzam Singhji Jah Bahadur!

After he had this experience he met Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj of the I am That fame.

States of Rumbow, Johol, Moar, Sri Menanti, Jelabu, Jompol, and Jelai.

At worst, specialists in the new field of SRA warned, teenagers who started out innocently playing with Ouija boards or reading books on paganism and magic could be drawn into rites involving the use of dangerous symbols, and from there into vandalism, animal mutilations, ritualistic abuse of children, and suicide, or even murder.

After Sri Aurobindo had come to Pondicherry from Chandernagore, he entered upon an intense period of spiritual Sadhana and for a few months he refused to receive anyone.

After 1910 when Sri Aurobindo was engrossed in Sadhana he read very few books.

Then Sri Aurobindo resumed: It seems evident that X must have done some Sadhana in his previous life and must have acquired some powers then.

When we rode out an hour later, the Sri wagons and my guard of four bandits, Darg Sih wept copiously, and swore he would offer prayers to his gods on my behalf.

Salaam Ander bwtati og theni berchi ne Simbwana mbengwe ogandi sukh na moimol opwana Salaam Ander sri moana gwens.

Sri magician into the bargain, I was fed and accommodated at no expense, and promised a ship to wherever I wished to journey.

Sri Aurobindo remarked that Homeopathy is nearer to yoga and allopathy is more mechanical.

Hal Puthoff at SRI, the first case of precognition appeared spontaneously during a session in 1974.

Amritlal Sheth of Saurashtra saw Sri Aurobindo this morning for a few minutes.

The gospel of the Supermind which Sri Aurobindo brought to man envisages a new level of consciousness beyond Mind.