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n. (plural of squaw English)

Usage examples of "squaws".

She knew the tales of squaws being beaten to death by drunken white men were true, and she unconsciously soothed a hand over a bruised cheek.

Wiry ones like squaws, or the silken strength of a woman like Juliana.

Craning his head and neck he watched three squaws who tended a haunch of deer meat suspended over a bed of glowing coals.

As she studied the tall, slender, hardy plant, she recalled Roth saying that in the summer the squaws gathered the reeds and wove them into baskets.

As she helped the other squaws fill the stacked wooden bowls with stew, she shot Sate glances of pure malice.

He was watched with tight interest by everyone, the squaws grinning in anticipation.

Losing her balance, she staggered through a group of sitting squaws who took the advantage of her proximity to reach out with angry hands.

The squaws were waiting eagerly for his kill, stoically ignoring the snow that was fast covering their heads and shoulders, making hissing sounds in the fire.

Bright gaudy beads and other cheap trinkets, displayed to catch the eye of squaws, shared space with various dry staples, while colorful Indian blankets vied gaily with coarse, gray horse blankets.

Old Indian squaws and trappers tended cooking fires beside the wall of a barracks, where beaver and mink furs on stretching poles hung by the hundreds.

Several young Indian women had been sitting with some old squaws in the shade outside of a barracks.

The squaws were only half dressed in buckskins and little breast-bands.

The squaws had searched the back and found some kind of experimental Russian commando knives that were almost as big as machetes.

Dumphee asked, suddenly realizing that the squaws planned to dry the whole buffalo.

Indian men bought and sold squaws, yet both parties considered the women to be wives.