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n. (plural of squad English)

Usage examples of "squads".

A half-dozen Grey Sword squads emerged from the smoke, the front two ranks with swords and shields, the rear two with cocked crossbows.

Soldiers from other squads sat in their respective groups, watchful of the newcomers and coming no closer.

At intervals during each day squads of fresh prisoners could be seen entering its dark mouth, to be registered, and searched, and then marched off to the prison assigned them.

They had the great advantage in these rows of being well acquainted with each other, while, except the Plymouth Pilgrims, the rest of the prisoners were made up of small squads of men from each regiment in the service, and total strangers to all outside of their own little band.

Secondly, the prisoners were made up of small squads from every regiment at the front along the whole line from the Mississippi to the Atlantic.

I soon learned that it was only used as a kind of reception place for the prisoners who were captured in small squads, and when they numbered two or three hundred, they would be shipped to Andersonville, or some other place of greater dimensions and strength.

At my present place of confinement the fear of our recapture had also taken possession of the Rebel authorities, so the prisoners were sent off in much smaller squads than formerly, frequently not more than ten or fifteen in a gang, whereas, before, they never thought of dispatching less than two or three hundred together.

They established guards around their squads, and helped beat off the Raiders when their own territory was invaded, but this was all they would do.

Instead, each of the three companies would have two squads out on patrol.

The assault company had lost two full squads, a third of its strength, when their guns were hit by things.

I was responsible for 680 square miles of hostile terrain and I wanted very badly to find out all I could before my own squads were deep into it.

Cunha and I made certain that our casualties were actually dead, then consolidated the two sections into one of four squads and down we wentand found the Bugs that had our platoon sergeant besieged.

I just knew that when I closed ranks there were only four squads where I had started with six.

Bridgeburner squads, pulling soldiers of both sexes towards the hide tents of the encampment.

A few ragged, sardonic cheers rose to greet him from the other squads, followed by a loud raspberry.