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Usage examples of "spunkie".

The spunkies arranged themselves in a low dome above the campsite, obliterating the groundmist beneath and providing dim illumination to the area.

Ruabon was a fool to insult the spunkies, yet did not deserve to die like this.

The uncanny dense fog generated by the spunkies had not yet reached the city, but it would surely do so by tomorrow.

Mero remained silent, riding in the rear while the spunkies created the now familiar fog-free tunnel and guided the four armigers down the sharp switchbacks toward the great valley of the River Malle.

Squads of thanes guided by spunkies had already gone ahead into the sidestreets with crocks and bombshells of tarnblaze, setting buildings alight to sow panic amongst the enemy.

Those slaughtered by the spunkies might have numbered in the thousands, but no one could now say for certain.

She had, I suppose, the largest collection in the country of tales and songs, concerning devils, ghosts, fairies, brownies, witches, warlocks, spunkies, kelpies, elf-candles, dead-lights, wraiths, apparitions, cantraips, giants, enchanted towers, dragons, and other trumpery.