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Spui (river)

The Spui is a small tidal river in South Holland in the Netherlands, separating the islands of Voorne-Putten and Hoekse Waard. Historically, it forked off the Oude Maas river at the town of Oud-Beijerland to end in the Haringvliet estuary, but as a (planned) result from the Delta Works, its flow has been reversed.

There are no bridges or tunnels crossing the Spui, but there is a car ferry from Hekelingen (municipality Spijkenisse) to Nieuw-Beijerland (municipality Korendijk), and a pedestrian and bicycle ferry between Oud-Beijerland and Rhoon (in Albrandswaard).

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Spui (Amsterdam)

The Spui is a square in the centre of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. The Spui was originally a body of water that formed the southern limit of the city until the 1420s, when the Singel canal was dug as an outer moat around the city. In 1882 the Spui was filled in and became the square that we know today.

In 1996 the square was renovated and is now largely car-free. Tram lines 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 14, 16, 24 and 25 stop at or near the Spui.

The Spui is a popular destination for book-lovers, with a weekly book market on Fridays and a variety of bookstores on or near the square, including two shops dedicated to English-language literature (the American Book Center relocated to the Spui in October 2006). There is also a weekly art market on the Spui, every Sunday.

The Spui provides entry to the Begijnhof, a Medieval courtyard.