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Crossword clues for sprigs


n. (plural of sprig English)

Usage examples of "sprigs".

Mot looked warily at the foggy woods, the sleeping animals, and the sprigs of moss scattered on the ground.

He could see himself turning into one of the moss creatures, with sprigs and vines spouting from his empty eye sockets.

It was here that he had seen the first girl he had loved, in a golden evening cloud, holding a yellow rose and sprigs of jasmine in her hand.

Every drop was frozen wherever it fell in the trees, and clung to the limbs and sprigs as if it had been fastened by hooks of steel.

It was styled like an old-fashioned crinoline, the overskirt lifted at the hem, draped and caught with tiny sprigs of forget-me-nots and lilies of the valley.

Her dark hair was pulled back from her face and held by two small combs with sprigs of oleander attached.