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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Spright \Spright\ (spr[imac]t), n. [See Sprite.]

  1. Spirit; mind; soul; state of mind; mood. [Obs.] ``The high heroic spright.''

    Wondrous great grief groweth in my spright.

  2. A supernatural being; a spirit; a shade; an apparition; a ghost.

    Syn: sprite.

    Forth he called, out of deep darkness dread, Legions of sprights.

    To thee, O Father, Son, and Sacred Spright.

  3. A kind of short arrow. [Obs.]


Spright \Spright\, v. t. To haunt, as a spright. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

alternative form of sprite.


n. 1 (obsolete spelling of sprite English) 2 (context obsolete English) Spirit; mind; soul; state of mind; mood. 3 (context obsolete English) A supernatural being; a spirit; a shade; an apparition; a ghost. 4 (context obsolete English) A kind of short arrow. vb. (context obsolete English) To haunt.

Usage examples of "spright".

The spright slid from her shoulder and she felt him bouncing on her back as he gripped her hair.

And while you are putting me right, can you tell me what Miss Twitterton might be doing, wandering around at night and getting that awful Spright woman sniping at her?

The gnome walked excruciatingly slow and had only gone past five trees by the time the two sprights hopped in front of her.

Knowing the sprights had run her in circles brought a smile to his face.

Gnomes and sprights were probably as attracted to her as she was to them.

Fires were set by two meddlesome sprights with a powerful wand, blazing the trees with a sudden fierceness like giant bonfires against the morning.

A wicked Spright yfraught with fawning guile,And faire resemblance aboue all the rest,Which with the Prince of Darknesse fell somewhile,From heauens blisse and euerlasting rest.

The cause some say is this: A litle whileBefore that Merlin dyde, he did intend,A brasen wall in compas to compileAbout Cairmardin, and did it commendVnto these Sprights, to bring to perfect end.

L Ike as the gentle hart it selfe bewrayes,In doing gentle deedes with franke delight,Euen so the baser mind it selfe displayes,In cancred malice and reuengefull spright.

With thought whereof, exceeding mad he grew,And in his rage his mother would haue slaine,Had she not fled into a secret mew,Where she was wont her Sprights to entertaineThe maisters of her art: there was she faineTo call them all in order to her ayde,And them coniure vpon eternall paine,To counsell her so carefully dismayd,How she might heale her sonne, whose senses were decayd.