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n. 1 (context Internet English) one who uses talkers 2 (context colloquial English) one who excessively studies, similar to a swot, and is disliked by fellow students because of it. 3 (context colloquial English) one who wastes time on nonproductive activities online. 4 (context military English) Sea Port of Debarkation


Spod may refer to:

  • SPOD (band) a band from Sydney, Australia
  • A spod, an avid user of Internet talkers, a type of online chat system.
  • SPOD, Sea Port of Debarkation
  • Spinning Pizza of Death, a colloquial name for a cursor on OS X
SPOD (band)

Spod is an Australian indie/electro band from Sydney's Inner West. The term Spod is simultaneously the name of the band and the pseudonym of the band's leader, whether he is performing solo or with other members.

Usage examples of "spod".

She pointed at the spod who was swaying back and forth, and working his way toward them.