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init. (context cryptography English)


SPN may refer to:

In Computer Sciences:

  • Substitution-permutation network, a type of mathematical operation used in cipher algorithms
  • Shortest Job (or Process) Next, a scheduling algorithm
  • Service Principal Name (SPN) used in the Kerberos protocol


  • State Policy Network, a U.S. national network of conservative and libertarian think tanks

In Biology and Medicine:

  • SialoPhoriN, a protein
  • A solitary pulmonary nodule or coin lesion in the lung

In Music:

  • Scientific pitch notation, a method to specify musical pitch, by using note name followed by its octave number.

In other areas:

  • Common fan abbreviation for Supernatural (U.S. TV series)
  • Saipan International Airport (IATA Code: SPN)
  • SPN ship project is a Russian river ship project.
  • Service Provider Name (SPN) the identity of the GSM (mobile phone) Service Provider, also stored on the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)

Usage examples of "spn".

The spn was creeping into view above the eastern horizon, its early light a mix of gold and silver against the fading dark.