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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Andy sits, takes the offered spliff and arranges the logs neatly round the edge of the hearth, to dry.
▪ Firebug grinned sloppily and passed him the spliff.
▪ He had the spliff on his lips like he was sucking on it.
▪ How about calling it good old spliff or draw or even marijuana?
▪ I smoke my spliff and switch on the telly.
▪ Is it true that when you stopped drinking you started partaking of the odd spliff?
▪ Maybe people should be forced to have a spliff before taking to the wheel?
▪ The thick pungent smoke from the spliff filled the car in no time as Firebug took long leisurely tokes and sat back.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

conical cannabis cigarette, 1936, a West Indian word, of unknown origin.


n. (context slang English) A cannabis cigarette.


n. marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking [syn: joint, marijuana cigarette, reefer, stick]

Spliff (band)

Spliff was a Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) rock band, active in the 1980s. The members were already playing together before they were 'adopted' by Nina Hagen when she came to West Germany in 1977. They recorded two albums with her as the Nina Hagen Band before continuing under the name Spliff when Hagen went solo. Their characteristic sound was a mix of electronic music, reggae and punk rock. They recorded "The Spliff Radio Show" in 1980, their only album in English. After parting ways with vocalist Alf Klimek, the remaining members carried on in German sharing vocals between all four of them. Their album 85555 however was released in a limited English edition too, which is extremely rare. They had major hits on the German singles chart with "Carbonara" and "Das Blech". Despite their influential status, the band was short-lived.

Many of the musicians subsequently formed a band called Froon. The Other Ones was another offshoot band, which included Alf Klimek, who had appeared on the Spliff Radio Show as Alf Klimax.

Spliff (disambiguation)

Spliff may refer to:

  • A joint (cannabis), one of numerous slang terms for a cigarette made from cannabis; it may also refer to one of the following derivative names:
    • Spliff (band), a German 80s new wave band;
    • Jimmy Spliff, another name for punk singer Jimmy Gestapo
    • Sam the Spliff, a character in the martial arts film Shaolin Dolemite;

Usage examples of "spliff".

The wife appears with a kettle as the husband is lighting the second joint -- spliff, rather -- refills our glasses, and disappears again, all in a moment.

Kona can spark up a spliff and calm down that bumpy brine for all me new science dreadies.

Carnaby Street in the 1960s, dropping ashes from a spliff onto the priceless Pucci tunic, sipping electric Kool-Aid from a gold-rimmed Limoges tea-cup.

And the Nazz lit a joint, an enormous spliff which he said he had been saving for a special occasion.

He had a spliff resting, half-smoked, in the ashtray and picked it up and re-lit it.

He rolled his eyes and took the end of the spliff back as I offered it to him.

I knew that another spliff would take away my powers of speech altogether.

The spliff had reached me again so I took a couple more drags and passed it on, trying to look unconcerned.

I thought about all the clients I knew who longed for someone to visit just to break up the tedium of their lives, and the excited way they offered tea and cakes and sometimes alcohol, and once, a long time ago and never repeated, a toke on a spliff sitting in the ashtray.

I built myself a medium-strength spliff and watched The Bill while the smoke knocked the edges off the day.

I had moved onto re-runs of Friends and was considering rolling another spliff when I heard a car pulling up outside my house.

The spliff had dulled my brain so I lit a cigarette and then offered him the packet, but he declined.

Then I rolled myself a large spliff and smoked it while I rolled the next one.

I was considering sparking up the second spliff when the doorbell rang.

So I smoked the second spliff that had been waiting for me, and rolled a third.