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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Spleenwort \Spleen"wort`\, n. [Spleen + wort; cf. L. splenium, asplenium, Gr. ????, ????, ???. ] (Bot.) Any fern of the genus Asplenium, some species of which were anciently used as remedies for disorders of the spleen.


n. Any of a number of types of ferns in the genus ''Asplenium''.


n. any of various chiefly rock-inhabiting ferns of the genus Asplenium

Usage examples of "spleenwort".

Forked Spleenwort, indicating, I think, that two attempts at something are to be made.

Fern which, we think, had to follow the Scaly Spleenwort to indicate that the lads could go ahead again.

The leprosy dissolved into a misshapen worm, a vulture, a poisonous toad, a sow bug, a patch of spleenwort, and then a happy laughing little boy who was torturing a gecko.

Tongue, the Maidenhair, the common Polypody, the Spleenwort, and the Wall Rue.

The humble Wall Rue and the Wall Spleenwort grow on walls chiefly, sometimes on rocky banks.

The Black Spleenwort is a small fern growing in rather circular masses, either on walls, where its fronds are only from 3 to 6 inches long, or on shady hedgebanks, where its oblong-triangular, evergreen fronds may attain as much as 20 inches in length.

The Common Spleenwort grows on old walls and in the clefts of moist rocks.