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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Spital \Spit"al\, n. [Abbreviated from hospital.] [Written also spittle.] A hospital. [Obs.]


n. A charitable house to receive and care for sick people, later distinguished from a hospital as being especially for those of a low class or meagre financial means.


Špital is a settlement in the hills west of Zagorje ob Savi in central Slovenia. The area is part of the traditional region of Styria. It is now included with the rest of the Municipality of Zagorje ob Savi in the Central Sava Statistical Region.

Usage examples of "spital".

Schicklgruber first learned the trade of shoemaker in the village of Spital, but being restless, like his father, he soon set out to make his fortune in Vienna.

Four armed security androids, who had tried to pass the lodge and serve a writ on the senator for Spital, were still sending up wreaths of black smoke.

Haddon and Gunnar Holt were standing on the porch of the Spital terminal.

Morton, although she could hardly see, was running in random, ecstatic swoops on the lawn outside the Spital power terminal.

The story went tonight that back at Kelso Spital they had shot all the sheep, hanged all the farmers, drunk the warm blood of the sheep like so many cannibals.

Church, and within a bow shot of Aldgate: a pleasant situation enough, looking towards the Spital Fields and the open country.

In May, 1530, Elsing Spital, a house established by William Elsing, a charitable mercer, for the relief of the blind, but which had subsequently grown into a priory of Augustinian canons of wealth and position, was confiscated by the Crown.

Old Spital Inn, the place where the mail coach changed horses, in High Spital, on Bowes Moor.

These circumstances were related to my informant, Mr Charles Wastell, in the spring of 1861, by an old woman named Bella Parkin, who resided close to High Spital, and was actually the daughter of the courageous servant-girl.

But, of course, I had no idea of the De Lery address, so once in Spital Square I was at a dead end.

Close to Spital Square I found a quiet corner where I quickly dismounted the guys, covered them with the tarpaulin and, urged by a new anxiety from the rapidly-growing density of the fog, groped my way into Norton Folgate.

Evans of Spital Street, Spitalfields, London, died in 1780 aged one hundred and thirty-nine, having full possession of his mental faculties.