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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The reality, according to the new spirituality, is that our beliefs about the world attract experiences which con firm those beliefs.
▪ As the 1960s ended and the wave of neo-oriental spirituality began to decline, the seekers began to look elsewhere.
▪ But it also emphasizes de-escalation of violence and a positive spirituality.
▪ In place of his spirituality and incandescence, Solti offers only the momentary frisson.
▪ It is a large cathedral and its interior retains a Medieval sense of spirituality.
▪ The first two chapters offer a definition of spirituality and a way of identifying spiritual need.
▪ This public display of spirituality throws a lot of people off their game.
▪ Today's myth is still rooted in a mechanistic way of thinking which denies or represses spirituality.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Spirituality \Spir`it*u*al"i*ty\, n.; pl. Spiritualities. [L. spiritualitas: cf. F. spiritualit['e].]

  1. The quality or state of being spiritual; incorporeality; heavenly-mindedness.

    A pleasure made for the soul, suitable to its spirituality.

    If this light be not spiritual, yet it approacheth nearest to spirituality.
    --Sir W. Raleigh.

    Much of our spirituality and comfort in public worship depends on the state of mind in which we come.

  2. (Eccl.) That which belongs to the church, or to a person as an ecclesiastic, or to religion, as distinct from temporalities.

    During the vacancy of a see, the archbishop is guardian of the spiritualities thereof.

  3. An ecclesiastical body; the whole body of the clergy, as distinct from, or opposed to, the temporality. [Obs.]

    Five entire subsidies were granted to the king by the spirituality.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "the clergy," also "ecclesiastical property; things pertaining to the Church," from Middle French spiritualite, from Late Latin spiritualitatem (nominative spiritualitas), from Latin spiritualis (see spiritual). Meaning "quality of being spiritual" is from c.1500; seldom-used sense of "fact or condition of being a spirit" is from 1680s. An earlier form was spiritualty (late 14c.).\n

\nEnglish is blessed with multiple variant forms of many words. But it has made scant use of them; for every pair historic/historical; realty/reality, or luxuriant/luxurious there is a spiritualty/spirituality or a specialty/speciality, with two distinct forms, two senses requiring differentiation, hundreds of years gone by, and but little progress made in in sorting them out.


n. 1 The quality or state of being spiritual. 2 Concern for that which is unseen and intangible, as opposed to physical or mundane. 3 appreciation for religious values. 4 (context obsolete English) That which belongs to the church, or to a person as an ecclesiastic, or to religion, as distinct from temporalities. 5 (context obsolete English) An ecclesiastical body; the whole body of the clergy, as distinct from, or opposed to, the temporality.

  1. n. property or income owned by a church [syn: spiritualty, church property]

  2. concern with things of the spirit [syn: spiritualism, otherworldliness]


Spirituality refers to certain kinds of activity through which a person seeks meaning, especially a "search for the sacred". It may also refer to personal growth, blissful experience, or an encounter with one's own "inner dimension."

Usage examples of "spirituality".

The spirituality forced on the young by Amphora had created odd beliefs, the cult of the memorials just one of them.

In Indian spirituality they have allowed all sorts of experiments including Varna Marga, and you see how wonderfully it has developed.

He saw also that her revolt against the moribund spirituality of the wealthy class to which she belonged was offset by a consciousness of possession, so that she could support Emmet one moment and condemn his theories the next.

The brief gathering broke up with Lady Ramillies embracing the younger girl with a sort of fine, generous spirituality which made Mr.

The great deity that he held aloft energized his worm tenement, burning away in the white fire of a supermundane spirituality all animal dross.

I will be sharing with you what I experienced and have come to understand of Christian contemplative spirituality during the five and half years I lived as a monk at the Abbey of Gethsemani, a cloistered Trappist monastery in Kentucky.

A sore nose can be marvelously irritating and unconducive to thoughts of spirituality.

On the street, I considered myself a better witnesser than litnesser, which meant I could talk to someone about spirituality more successfully than I could sell Mo letters.

I venture therefore to ask my Andhra brethren whether they have understood the spirituality of this beautiful doctrine of Non-co-operation.

The Enhancers, known for their spirituality and integrity, commanded respect throughout the galaxy, and Arion had consented to allow Eirene to stand as the requisite witness.

In manner and appearance, the Columban brother might almost have been the living embodiment of those early times, his white habit and Celtic tonsure linking him with his inheritance of Druid spirituality, which had seen the coming of the teachings of Christ as fulfillment and extension of a Trinitarian concept long honored in their traditions.

The higher stages of spirituality seem mysterious when framed this way, because there is nowhere to go beyond silence.

For you see, we droids, though of metal, possess consciousness and thus spirituality as well.

It comes to the same thing to say that, to the extent that individuals in modernity even attempt a genuine spirituality, they still tend to fall into either a purely Ascending Higher Self, or a purely Descending biospheric self.

Barry Loach was understandably way out his depth on the theological turf of like Apologia and the redeemability of man though he was able to relieve a slight hitch in the brother's toss that was stressing his card-throwing arm's flexor carpi ulnaris muscle and so to up the brother's card-in-wastebasket percentage significantly but he was not only desperate to preserve his mother's dream and his own indirectly athletic ambitions at the same time, he was actually rather a spiritually upbeat guy who just didn't buy the brother's sudden despair at the apparent absence of compassion and warmth in God's supposed self-mimetic and divine creation, and he managed to engage the brother in some rather heated and high-level debates on spirituality and the soul's potential, not that much unlike Alyosha and Ivan's conversations in the good old Brothers K.