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n. (plural of spire English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: spire)


Spires may refer to:

  • SPIRES, a database for publications in High-Energy Physics
  • Speyer (English formerly Spires), a city in Germany
  • The Spires, a commercial conference centre, operated out of Church House, Belfast by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Usage examples of "spires".

I trust some friend will photograph or stereograph this fence for me, to go with the view of the spires of Frederick, already referred to, as mementos of my journey.

Two of the other islets were also clearly visible, their gleaming spires stabbing at the sky.

The roof was a jumbled collision of angles and spires, jutting turrets and sinister oubliettes.

The shapes of the outlying spires that dominated each individual islet were unmistakable.

Why would they devote so much energy and engineering to maintaining an unused building in immaculate condition when both of the other two spires show routine signs of neglect?

The spellsphere abruptly lost its scene of city spires and flapping griffon wings beneath armored riders and acquired the dappled gloom of the forest above her.

Atop one of the really tall spires surrounded by mountain walls on three sides.

What a vision it was when I awoke in the morning to see the fog on the river seeming as if it wrapped the towers and spires of a great city!

He stared out into the night, trying to see into the shadows of the rocky spires, trying to see where the scream came from.

To him the range looked like the brink of the world, a sheer barrier of ice-coated spires as high as it was impassable.

Two smaller structures, both of them round with shimmering white spires, adjoined the oval building.

At the end of the avenue, just a few hundred yards away, loomed the lofty spires and huge dome of the Great Hall with their spectacular crystal statues.

The bells in the twin spires of the structure continued to peal loudly, the sound echoing through the streets and alleyways of the city.