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n. (plural of spink English)


Spinks is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Alfred Spinks (1917-1982), British chemist
  • Brett Spinks (b. 1973), Australian athlete in football
  • Charlton Spinks (1877-1959), British Army officer
  • Cory Spinks (b. 1978), US athlete in boxing
  • Darrell Spinks (b. 1973), US athlete in boxing
  • David Rubio (1934-2000), British musical instrument maker (born David Joseph Spinks)
  • Ford Spinks (1927-2016), American politician
  • Fred Spinks (1902-1982), Bermudan athlete in cricket
  • Jack Spinks (1930-1994), US athlete in football
  • Joe Spinks (b. 1972), US athlete in baseball
  • John Spinks (1908-1997), English-born Canadian university president
  • John Spinks (musician) (1953-2014), English musician and songwriter
  • Leon Spinks (b. 1953), US athlete in boxing
  • Michael Spinks (b. 1956), US athlete in boxing
  • Nicky Spinks (b. ca. 1968), English athlete in distance running
  • Scipio Spinks (b. 1947), US athlete in baseball
  • Stan Spinks (1912-2003), Australian athlete in football
  • Terence Spinks (b. 1960), British athlete in boxing
  • Tommy Spinks (1948-2007), US athlete in football
  • Tommy Spinks (rugby union) (b. 1994), Scottish athlete in rugby
  • William A. Spinks (1865-1933), US billiards player
  • William H. Spinks (1873-1950), Canadian political figure

Usage examples of "spinks".

There was magic in his head, as well as his fists and his feet -- but time was not on his side, this time, and the only thing more important than slashing the Gordian Knot of boxing-industry politics that was already menacing the reality of a quick rematch with Spinks was the absolute necessity of making sure that The Champ would take this next fight as seriously as it was clearly going to be.

The family had been in a state of collective shock for two weeks or so after Vegas, but now it was the first week in March and they were eager to get the big engine cranked up for the return bout with Spinks in September.

So the fat was in the fire: a second loss to Spinks would be even worse than the first -- the end of the line for Ali, The Family, and in fact the whole Ali industry.

For Pat Patterson and a lot of other people, another defeat by Spinks would mean the end of a whole way of life.

But Leon Spinks had swept those clouds away, and now it was time to get serious.

The Champ had already convinced him that he would indeed be the first man in history to win the first Triple Crown in the history of heavyweight boxing -- and Pat Patterson was far from alone in his conviction that Leon Spinks would be easy prey, next time, for a Muhammad Ali in top condition both mentally and physically.

I like to think that she understood what I was telling her, what a waste of time seeing this Spinks boy was.

He said something to Spinks about the drinking and Spinks was very rude.

According to Tracy, Spinks was a hero of sorts among the group because of his oft-recounted but never-detected criminal exploits.

Banks studied Spinks, who showed no emotion, but kept dabbing at his nose and probing his tooth with his tongue.

First, Banks told Sandra about John Spinks and his visit to Sylvie Harrison.

There, at the bottom of the staircase, stood John Spinks and DC Susan Gay.

PACE directive and Spinks would probably succeed in getting his case dismissed.

On Friday, when Banks had questioned John Spinks about Michael Clayton and Sylvie Harrison, it had been staring him in the face.

Lady Sylvie Harrison and Michael Clayton found Spinks and Deborah drinking wine in the back garden on 17 August, right?