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n. 1 (plural of spike English) 2 (context plural only English) A pair of athletic shoes equipped with spikes on the sole and heel for better traction. vb. (en-third-person singular of: spike)

Spikes (mascot)

Spikes is the mascot of the Minor League AAA Rochester Red Wings. Spikes is 6 feet tall, and weighs 180 lbs. He was created after the season, the same year in which the Red Wings got their new stadium, Frontier Field.

Spikes (surname)

Spikes is the surname of:

  • Brandon Spikes (born 1987), American National Football League (NFL) linebacker
  • Cameron Spikes (born 1976), American former NFL football guard
  • Charlie Spikes (born 1951), Major League Baseball player
  • Irving Spikes (born 1970), American former NFL running back
  • Jack Spikes (born 1937), former American collegiate and American Football League running back and placekicker
  • Jesse Spikes (born 1950), corporate lawyer who was a candidate in the 2009 Atlanta mayoral race
  • John Spikes (1881–1955), American jazz musician and entrepreneur
  • Reb Spikes (1888–1982), American jazz saxophonist and entrepreneur
  • Richard Spikes (1884–1962), African-American engineer
  • Takeo Spikes (born 1976), American NFL linebacker

Usage examples of "spikes".

One was vaguely bird-like, with a sharp, pale, curved beak, a blood red skull, and a frill with dark spikes reaching out behind its head.

Out of nowhere, spikes thrust out of the floor and pierced all of his tires.

All of their tires had been pierced by the spikes and they were both dented from their smash up.

Brachen demon whispered with a snarl that made the needle spikes that jutted from its face twitch.

The spikes had torn his flesh and spattered his blood across the pavement and the wall.

They were still there, but he grunted in surprise and dismay when he saw the enormous railroad spikes that had been driven through the thick meat of his lower calves.

With a roar more of frustration than pain, he tightened his grip around the spikes in the palms of his hands and pulled.

Yill demon said, the spikes that jutted from the back of his skull seeming to stretch his face even more tightly.

When he did, the flesh around his mouth pulled even more tightly, and the spikes that jutted back from the sides of his face twitched.

Though he was disturbed by the glee in Spikes face, Xander had to admit to himself that he was glad.

His damp hair stood in wet spikes, he was clean shaven, and he wore a gray and white striped shirt tucked into blue jeans.

In his hands he held a massive spiked mace, its handle almost four feet long, with at least a dozen three-inch spikes jutting from its bowling ball-size head.

Sylvia and I walked down an aisle lined with big books with colourful covers showing balls with spikes and short twisty trains.

He reached up to his uncovered chest, and with a terrible deliberation, he pricked his finger on one of his own spikes, testing its point.

Jaspin now saw a weapon in his other hand, one of those things they called spikes, deadly little things that delivered lethal electrical charges.