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vb. (en-archaic third-person singularspy)

Usage examples of "spieth".

Very well, then: she had come to know Spieth well enough to hazard her question.

The developing neural system of the fetus, Spieth had said, required a particular amount of oxygen at all times, and she carried two.

Master Spieth had trusted her with a secret, and Brennen had told her repeatedly, though gently, that he believed she could do nothing, even with his help, because of her age.

White hair neatly combed as if she always rose just after midnight, Master Spieth laid a thin blanket across the second tiny cot in a broad, white-walled room.

Now she must remain aware of the changes ripping through her body, so Spieth would know when delivery approached.

If Spieth recognized the visions for what they were, she would almost die of the disgrace.