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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Spicer \Spi"cer\, n. [Cf. OF. espicier, F. ['e]picier.]

  1. One who seasons with spice.

  2. One who deals in spice. [Obs.]
    --Piers Plowman.


n. 1 One who seasons with spice. 2 A spice dealer.

Spicer, MN -- U.S. city in Minnesota
Population (2000): 1126
Housing Units (2000): 605
Land area (2000): 1.084407 sq. miles (2.808600 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.007058 sq. miles (0.018281 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1.091465 sq. miles (2.826881 sq. km)
FIPS code: 61690
Located within: Minnesota (MN), FIPS 27
Location: 45.233996 N, 94.938949 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 56288
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Spicer, MN
Spicer (surname)

The Middle English surnameSpicer is derived from the Old French word especier, which in turn was derived from the Latin speciarius. Translated, it refers to a seller of spices, a grocer or a druggist. It is also a variation of the Jewish name Spitzer.

People with the surname Spicer include:

  • Andi Spicer (born 1959), British composer
  • Bryan Spicer, director of the television show 24
  • Clarence W. Spicer, inventor of the Universal joint (Spicer joint)
  • Dave Spicer (born 1985), Canadian rugby player
  • David Spicer (disambiguation), for all people named David Spicer
  • Eddie Spicer (1922–2004), an English football player
  • Frederick Spicer (1820–1905), medical doctor and, briefly, politician in South Australia
  • Geoffrey Spicer-Simson (1876–1947), a Royal Navy officer
  • Harriet Spicer (born 1950), lay member of the Judicial Appointments Commission in England and Wales
  • Ishmail Spicer (1760–1832), American composer
  • Jack Spicer (disambiguation), for all people named Jack Spicer
  • James Spicer (born 1925), British Conservative
  • Jimmy Spicer, rap artist
  • John Spicer (disambiguation), for all people named John Spicer
  • Keith Spicer (born 1934), former Canadian Commissioner of Official Languages
  • Kimberly Spicer (born 1980), American actress and Playmate
  • Lorne Spicer (born 1965), British television presenter
  • Michael Spicer (born 1943), former Member of Parliament for West Worcestershire, England
  • Paul Spicer (born 1975), American football player
  • Raymond A. Spicer, former director of the White House Military Office
  • Sir Albert Spicer, 1st Baronet (1847–1934), English businessman and Liberal politician
  • Tim Spicer (born 1952), former Lieutenant-Colonel in the Scots Guards
  • Tracey Spicer, Australian journalist
  • Wells Spicer, American lawyer
  • William Ambrose Spicer (1865–1952), Seventh-day Adventist minister
  • William L. Spicer (1918-1991), American politician
  • William Spicer (Medal of Honor), American Medal of Honor recipient

Locations of families with the last name Spicer include:

  • Boston Area, Massachusetts, USA

Usage examples of "spicer".

Annette was leaning against an oak tree and Spicer was leaning into her, holding her fast, at the end of the overgrown garden.

The receiver fell off its hook and lay neglected and buzzing at Spicer and Annette while they made love.

Annette set about her household duties and after an hour called Spicer at his office.

Annette and Spicer had been the first in their road to own a mobile phone: now their neighbors possessed newer, lighter, cheaper models.

Annett prepared a special supper for Spicer that evening and put scent behind her ears.

Annette took care not to reproach Spicer or ask him where he had been.

And Spicer smiled at Annette politely and rose and went to the living room and, instead of opening the newspaper as was his custom in the evening after dinner, opened a book entitled The Search for the Father, which had a whirled pattern of oranges and reds upon the cover, and began to read intently.

And I lay alone on the bed all night with a headache and a black hole in my chest, and I must have dozed off, because when I woke Spicer had left the house and gone to work, and without a word, without a note.

I told Steve a bit about what you told me about Spicer and you in bed, and he talked to Spicer about it over lunch, he now tells me.

You telling Steve about me and Spicer in bed, and still discussing it, so far as I can see.

I said it all sounded unhealthily commercial to me, because I thought that was what Spicer would want me to say, but Spicer said in for a penny, in for a pound--I ought to make as much capital out of the baby as possible, and I could always go into labor in the middle of a chat show and so command maximum media attention.

I was too worried about what Spicer was thinking to take much notice of it.

But how can Spicer believe that the planet Saturn, which is eight hundred million miles away, in relation to a moon which is racing round the earth, be what gives him a good memory?

He thought they had just an ordinary happy marriage, but Aileen started seeing this man, and, the next thing Spicer knew, Aileen told him she was unhappy and Spicer was the cause of it, and so Aileen left Spicer.

But she and Spicer get on so well I sometimes get the feeling they gang up on me.