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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sphericity \Sphe*ric"i*ty\, n. [Cf. F. sph['e]ricit['e].] The quality or state of being spherial; roundness; as, the sphericity of the planets, or of a drop of water.


n. 1 (context chiefly uncountable English) The quality of being spherical, being a sphere. 2 (context geometry countable English) The ratio of the surface area of a given particle to the surface area of a sphere with the same volume.


n. the roundness of a 3-dimensional object [syn: sphericalness, globosity, globularness, rotundity]


Sphericity is a measure of how spherical (round) an object is. As such, it is a specific example of a compactness measure of a shape. Defined by Wadell in 1935, the sphericity, Ψ, of a particle is: the ratio of the surface area of a sphere (with the same volume as the given particle) to the surface area of the particle:

$$\Psi = \frac{\pi^{\frac{1}{3}}(6V_p)^{\frac{2}{3}}}{A_p}$$

where V is volume of the particle and A is the surface area of the particle. The sphericity of a sphere is unity by definition and, by the isoperimetric inequality, any particle which is not a sphere will have sphericity less than 1.

Usage examples of "sphericity".

They agreed with our concept of sphericity, politely disagreed with our concept of mortality, strongly agreed with the notions of pain and joy.

On-screen schematics flashed by Veidt's device told him little, but it was easy enough to imagine modules being hoisted and repositioned by robotic arms, gigantic plates retracting, a change in the very sphericity of the world.