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n. (plural of sphere English)

Spheres (TV series)

Spheres is a Korean animated television series. It is a product of the major broadcaster Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, and the animation was done by Studio Kaab, which would later animate the series Nalong.

Spheres (Pestilence album)

Spheres is the fourth album by the Dutch death metal band Pestilence, released in 1993. It was their final album before a 14-year hiatus from 1994 to 2008. On this album, the band experimented with a more progressive sound, utilizing guitar synthesizers as well as some jazz influences.


The Synchronized Position Hold Engage and Reorient Experimental Satellite (SPHERES) are a series of miniaturized satellites developed by MIT's Space Systems Laboratory for NASA and US Military, to be used as a low-risk, extensible test bed for the development of metrology, formation flight, rendezvous, docking and autonomy algorithms that are critical for future space missions that use distributed spacecraft architecture, such as Terrestrial Planet Finder and Orbital Express.

Each SPHERES satellite is an 18-sided polyhedron, with a mass of about 4.1 kg and a diameter of about 21 cm. They can be used in the International Space Station as well as in ground-based laboratories, but not in the vacuum of space. The battery-powered, self-contained units can operate semi-autonomously, using CO2-based cold-gas thrusters for movement and a series of ultrasonic beacons for orientation. The satellites can communicate with each other and with control station wirelessly. The built-in features of the satellites can be extended using an expansion port.

From 2006, three SPHERES units are being used in the International Space Station for a variety of experiments. The SPHERES Guest Scientist Program allow scientists to conduct new science experiments using SPHERES units, and the MIT's Zero Robotics Program allow students to participate in annual competitions that involve developing software to control SPHERES units.

The SPHERES program is expected to continue until 2017, and possibly further.

Spheres (Delerium album)

Spheres is an album by Canadian industrial/electronic music group Delerium in 1994 (see 1994 in music).

Spheres (instrumental)

"Spheres" is a classical digital-only single by Mike Oldfield from his album Music of the Spheres released on 3 March 2008 (see 2008 in music).

Spheres (Nekropolis album)

Spheres is the fourth studio album by Nekropolis, released independently in 1988.