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Spezia (Turin Metro)

Spezia is a station of the Turin Metro. The station was opened on March 6, 2011. Spezia station is located in the busy, commercial district of south-central Torino, on the via Nizza. It is located within walking distance to the Torino Lingotto, CTO Hospital and the Torino medical center.

Usage examples of "spezia".

The next thing he finds is a fishing line and dried bait, and his face lights up as though the Air-Sea Rescue launch had just sped up to save us before we died of exposure or before the Germans sent a boat out from Spezia to take us prisoner or machine-gun us.

Bologna, Spezia and Ferrara, we can get those targets with no trouble at all.

Italian cruiser in drydock at La Spezia would be towed by the Germans that same morning to a channel at the entrance of the harbor and scuttled there to deprive the Allied armies of deep-water port facilities when they captured the city.

It was a vague idea, but Shelley suggested an excursion to Spezia, to see whether it would be feasible to spend a summer there.

In the month of February, Shelley and his friend went to Spezia to seek for houses for us.

The Bay of Spezia is of considerable extent, and divided by a rocky promontory into a larger and smaller one.

Army landed from a naval craft far behind the German lines in Italy to demolish a railroad tunnel between La Spezia and Genoa.

But as the case was urgent, he proposed to Caesar that he should leave Rome, embark at Ostia, and cross over to Spezia, where Michelotto was to meet him at the head of 100 men-at-arms and 100 light horse, the only remnant of his magnificent army, thence by land to Ferrara, and from Ferrara to Imala, where, once arrived, he could utter his war-cry so loud that it would be heard through the length and breadth of Romagna.

On September 20, 1865, at the meeting of the Italian Society of Natural Sciences at Spezia, Professor Ramorino presented bones of extinct species of red deer and rhinoceros bearing what he believed were human incisions.

Lotta Stafford, who had gone with her brother for a little tour to Genoa and Spezia, and as far as Pisa.

King Robert of Naples had a fleet already in the gulf of Spezia, which, on the news of the breaking out of the conspiracy, would disembark its soldiers on the Lucchese territory, and thus add to the general confusion.

Then, one night, an Austrian airman crossed the Alps, winged his way above the Lombard plain, and let loose on Spezia a rain of bombs which caused many deaths and did enormous damage.

The new Audis and Porsches and Beemers waiting to board the boat in La Spezia, the new Mercedes I was riding in were all stolen.

Palermo, Naples, and Spezia all felt the lash as our strength mounted, and R.

Air Force established there, it will not be able to do so, and will have to content itself with Spezia and Genoa.