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Spey may refer to:

  • Spey River (disambiguation)
  • Spey casting, a fly fishing technique developed on the River Spey
  • Rolls-Royce Spey, an early turbofan engine
  • HMS Spey, the name of seven ships of the Royal Navy
  • For spey-wife -- see Völva a pagan Norse shaman

Usage examples of "spey".

Spey were weak behind the scrum but had a formidable pack, and, coached to this end by Mr Semple when he perceived how the weather was going to turn out, they kept the ball at their feet and gave the Helston three-quarters little chance.

Badenoch being the area east of the Spey and along the Cairngorms foothills.

To her relief, the sun was hidden behind bank upon bank of clouds sweeping in from the west, across the Monadhliath Mountains and the Spey.

James took his family to set off south, Himself left to meet his guests and ghillies at Crathie to bother the silver swimmers in the Spey, and Jed arrived to pick me up and set my normal life back on course.