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Spex or SPEX may refer to:

Spex (magazine)

Spex is a prominent German rock and pop culture magazine located in Berlin, Germany. Besides music news, Spex also covers literature, cinema, fashion and contemporary social trends. Since January 2008, Spex is headquartered in Berlin and includes an audio CD.

Spex (theatre)

Spex is a kind of amateur comedy theatre act performed by university students in Sweden and parts of Finland. University cities, such as Gothenburg, Lund, Uppsala, and Linköping have long-running traditions of spex.

The word is likely derived from abbreviated student slang for spektakel (spectacle; scene; show).

Prominent features of spexes are the musical-like mix of spoken text and songs, the often rhymed dialogue, a good amount of satire and parody and the tradition of having the audience shout "Restart!" (Swedish: Omstart!/Omtag!) or "One more time!" (Swedish: En gång till!) if they consider the current scene especially hilarious. Ideally, the actor should then improvise the scene or punchline in a new way. The fact that the audience plays an active part in the performance is what distinguishes spex from other forms of theatre. There are also several other commands that the audience can give, for instance demanding that the actors should perform the scene in question backwards, in slow-motion, in another language, until the actors know their lines, or perhaps in a more violent fashion.

While spexes are typically in Swedish or Finnish, at least all Physicist Spex (Fyysikkospeksi, Aalto University, Finland) productions to date have been translated into English for a visiting performance in Stockholm, Sweden. The English translation is now also performed in Finland to provide the rare event of a spex aimed specifically for an audience of international students.

Spex (solar park)

The solar park "Spex" near Mérida in Spain's Extremadura provides 30 megawatts of solar power enough to supply 16,000 households. Deutsche Bank and ecoEnergías are the developers of the power plant. It was built for a cost of €250 million on a site and uses dual axis trackers. Each panel has an area of 130 m².

SPEX (astronomy)

SPEX (the Spectropolarimeter for Planetary EXploration) is a single-channel, high-precision polarimeter for the characterization of planetary atmospheres. It is intended for planetary science missions, but it could with minor modifications also be used for Earth observation by a microsatellite, such as the Dutch FAST-D project.