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Usage examples of "speltz".

When he hopped out of the cab I saw that it was Hank Speltz, the boy from the garage.

I had the twelve-gauge out of the case as the men and Hank Speltz came running around the corner of dogwood and sweetpea.

Hank Speltz took a step backwards into this dogwood, looked around wildly, and then began to edge around to the path.

The day after the visitation by Hank Speltz and the others, I heard the coughing, feet-stamping, etc.

I saw him driving along behind me all the way to Arden, at times speaking into his radio microphone, and when I haggled with the boy Hank Speltz, he stayed in the car and parked across the street from the garage.

Hank Speltz looked as though he regretted his remark about getting the police.

Lokken waddled away without replying, and Speltz reappeared, grumbling that the new windows had cost more than thirty dollars.

I discovered what Hank Speltz had meant about rebuilding the engine when I pressed the accelerator going up the hill past the R-D-N motel.