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n. (lb en Internet slang) A homophonic spelling mistake, as illustrated profusely in the various (w Spell checker spelling checker) poems that started in 1991.


Spello (in Antiquity: Hispellum) is an ancient town and comune (township) of Italy, in the province of Perugia in east central Umbria, on the lower southern flank of Mt. Subasio. It is 6 km (4 mi) NNW of Foligno and 10 km (6 mi) SSE of Assisi.

The old walled town lies on a regularly NW-SE sloping ridge that eventually meets the plain. From the top of the ridge, Spello commands a good view of the Umbrian plain towards Perugia; at the bottom of the ridge, the town spills out of its walls into a small modern section (or Borgo) served by the rail line from Rome to Florence via Perugia.

Usage examples of "spello".

La vita poi in pratica, Storta congiugazione: Della vita lo spello dal mondo sciolto, Al mondo vivi, poiche non sei sepolto.

Chapter LXXIV Della Vita Lo Spello Dal Mondo Sciolto, Al Mondo Vivo Perche Non Son Sepolto.