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n. One who cast#Verbs spell#Nouns; a magician; a sorcerer.


A spellcaster in role-playing games refers to a creature capable of casting magic spells. It is also used in real-time strategy games (often abbreviated to "caster") to refer to units capable of using special spells or abilities.

See also:

  • Mage or Wizard (character class)
  • Magician (fantasy), a practitioner of magic as portrayed in works of fiction


Spellcaster (film)

Spellcaster is a 1992 American film starring Adam Ant.

SpellCaster (video game)

SpellCaster is a Sega Master System video game that stars a character named Kane. This game was known in Japan as and in South America as Warrior Quest. It had a sequel, Mystic Defender.

Usage examples of "spellcaster".

There were four intruders: the Slayer, the spellcaster, the demon and the boy.

The spells she had cast on the Slayer and the young spellcaster had not been broken.

Novice witches or spellcasters, like Willow and myself, must call on the ancient deities to act as conduits to the source because the affinity is weak or undeveloped.

It hurtled directly, unerringly, toward the spellcaster who had disrupted its course.

Candidly, he described the need to control his berserker rages and his hope that the Windwalker amulet, and the drow spellcaster who carried it, might restore him to himself, and to his homeland.